TEAM        Time, Energy, And Money
TEAM        Together Everyone Achieves More
TEAM        Together Everyone Accomplishes More
TEAM        The Evangelical Alliance Mission
TEAM        Total Exposure Assessment Methodology
TEAM        Technology Early Action Measures (Canada)
TEAM        Together Each Achieves More
TEAM        Toll Ein Anderer Macht's
TEAM        Transmission Electron Aberration-Corrected Microscope (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California)
TEAM        The Exceptional Athlete Matters (World T.E.A.M. Sports)
TEAM        Theoretical & Applied Mechanics
TEAM        The Environmental Assessment and Management (Guide)
TEAM        The Naval Aviation Systems Team
TEAM        The Electronic Auction Market (Canadian online cattle marketplace)
TEAM        Together Everyone Achieves Miracles
TEAM        Tesi Environmental Awareness Movement (Tibetan environmental NGO)
TEAM        Technology, Automation, & Management
TEAM        Total Exposure Assessment Model
TEAM        Tools for Electronic Application Management
TEAM        Timber Exporters' Association of Malaysia
TEAM        Tele-Education And Medicine
TEAM        Together Everyone Achives More
TEAM        Threat Engagement Analysis Model
TEAM        Total Estimation and Allocation Mechanism
TEAM        Technically Evaluated Advisory Materials
TEAM        Technical Enhancement and Architectural Modernizaton (Sprint)
TEAM        Top European Advertising Media
TEAM        T1-Carrier Error Accumulating Module
TEAM        Training, Education, Assessment, and Management
TEAM        Training to Enhance Aircraft Maintenance
TEAM        Task Execution Acknowledgement Message
TEAM        Technology Exchange Assessment Methodology
TEAM        Technology-based Enhanced Autonomous Machines
TEAM        Total Employee Assistance and Management, Inc.
TEAM        Test, Evaluation, Analysis & Modeling
TEAM        Traffic Engineering Automation Manager
TEAM        Technologies Enabling Agile Manufacturing

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